Dr. Sumney graduated from Simon Greenleaf University of Law, International Human Rights and Apologetics with a Master’s Degree. He holds a PhD from Total Word Concept from USA. He has written these Books; Africa in The State of Emergency, Africa Is Rising, Difficult Questions, 31 Days of Success and Blessings. His passion is to see the whole of Africa reached erased from poverty with the people trained with skills and Development.
Dr. Kodjoe Sumney is from Ghana West Africa. He has continually served as a human rights advocate, a philanthropist and a missionary in the USA since 1989. His advocacy has taken him around the globe to many countries. He is the founder of United Practical Believers in Christ Ministries in California, USA, Ghana and Kenya. He is also the founder of Mission Africa Incorporated, a non-profit organization, which partners around the globe to offer natural and spiritual development for the continent of Africa. He has rallied to bring over one thousand Americans with different backgrounds from United States to Africa since the year 2000 for Projects, Missionary, Humanitarian work and student exchange.
Through the initiatives of Dr. K. Sumney, Mission Africa Inc. has rallied to build schools for over 200 children living in remote villages and underprivileged children who do not have any access to schools. He started the Mission Africa HIV/AIDS awareness in Universities, colleges and high schools and has reached over ten thousand young people with preventive measures and pamphlet information.

He formed the Mission Africa Parliament Empower Conference in collaboration with the Ghana Parliament and Ghana Broadcasting Corporation to give support to Parliamentarians and leaders in Africa. Each year leaders from Africa meet to pray and support the African Government on matters like; good governance, African Union, opening of boundaries of Africa, Peace and Unity, African inventions and Job creation.

Dr. Sumney’s passion is bridging the gap with people around the globe for a common goal to achieve peace. That is why he established the annual Bridging the Gap Conference in 2000 to bridge the gap with the Diaspora and Friends of Africa. Each year, in October, different people with cultural diversities travel from the United States of America to Ghana to attend the ‘’Bridging the Gap” Conference. During this time, we talk about world peace and building bridges with our neighbors who might look and speak different from us.

He is the founder of Mission Africa Institute of Technology on the Spintex Road, Accra Ghana which facilitates the ‘’BEZAALEL’’ (Spirit of Inventions) Conferences. This concept is to bring scientific inventions, job Creation & sustainable development in Universities and higher institutions in Africa. So that Africa will be able to educate, create, invent and export goods that will lead to self sufficiency and self sustainability of the continent.
He has been on many platforms pushing the agenda of poverty alleviation measures, self sufficiency and self sustainability in Africa and around the world. His passion is to see the whole of Africa reached with the Gospel, and Africa out of poverty with the people trained with skills and Development.

To have Dr. Kodjoe Sumney teach, email, call or write.
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