“Our mission at MAIT is to be a center of excellence in education,with creativity and innovation. The center promotes job creation, technology, leadership development.”


MAIT offers education in certificate, Diploma, Advance Diploma and other degree programs through its three faculties of ICT, Ambassadorial Courses and Business. The College commits itself to providing broad and practical education to all its students, and encourages interdisciplinary work . The College and staff are committed to helping students excel and compete with a changing world.

Humanitarian Work

MAIT assists in building the less fortunate in society through Mission Africa Inc. The college enriches the community with its Internet Cafe facilities and remote village school building and health activities. Faculty, staff, and students of the college are encouraged to contribute time and volunteer to community with  professional service.

Core Values

MAIT is built on a core commitment to students, learning, service and respect for all manner of persons. We are proud of our values and long term commitment to:

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship .
  • Excellence in reputation and service to our Continent.
  • Integrity.
  • Collaboration.
  • Accountability and personal responsibility.
  • Academic Excellence.