Tablet Computer Repair (TCR)

archos-g9-10-main-ics-lgWith the advent of mobile and portable computing, the tablet computer is seen to be one of the most popular gadgets around. A tablet computer, or simply tablet, is a one-piece mobile computer, primarily operated by touch screen (the users finger essentially functions as the mouse and cursor, removing the need of the physical (i.e., mouse & keyboard) hardware components necessary for a desktop or laptop computer; and, an onscreen, hideable  virtual keyboard is integrated into the display). Computer repair technicians specialize in troubleshooting, servicing and repairing  a wide variety of hardware and software-related personal computer issues and computer network problems.



  • Basic Electronics (Capacitor, Resistor, Transformer, Transistor, Diode, etc.)
  • Basics of Tablet PC
  • Parts of Tablet PC
  • Windows Installation
  • Partitioning and formatting
  • Android application installation
  • Tablet PC Assembly and disassemble
  • Chip Level Practical(Using Solder Iron, SMD Machine, IRDA, SMD Machine)
  • Troubleshooting(Chip level Troubleshooting using oscilloscope, LCR Meter, IRDA, SMD Machine)
  • Service Centre Class


Upon successful completion of the course many students continue with advanced studies, usually in programming and software configuration. However, a significant number of students enter employment upon completion of this course.